Memorial Grave Blankets

Memorial Grave Blankets

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       Let us help you remember your loved one in a very special way.
      Our grave blanket is made from heavy-duty, weatherproof vinyl. The Vinyl is hemmed and has grommets holes for stakes to secure the blanket to the ground.
      The grave blanket design is fully customizable choose a header, color and theme. Then provide the information you would like to include; as well as 1-3 photo options and we will select the photos with the highest quality to use for the design.
All information to be used in the design should be sent to

Please read the following very carefully

**** Touch Of Designs Disclaimer ***
Grave blankets order includes STAKES only!

• You are responsible for following your local cemetery rules and guidelines. Please verify blanket can be placed before purchasing.
• Our grave blankets are made of Heavy-duty Waterproof vinyl. To prevent fading and or damaging please maintenance often.
• 72 hours to receive the proof. Designs MUST BE APPROVED before printing.
• Includes 6-8 grommet holes for stakes.